I am so excited to be collaborating with my friend and mentor James Wedmore on the launch of his flagship programme Business By Design.

What exactly is Business By Design?

Business By Design is James Wedmore’s premier online marketing training program that shows Entrepreneurs how to package and monetize their knowledge through Online Courses, Membership Sites, or Group Coaching.

What makes Business By Design unique is the way in which the content is delivered to its Members. Business By Design focuses on getting Members into action first. It does this by handing over the exact systems, processes, and launch maps that James uses with his team in his own business.

If you are a total newbie, looking to get started, these process maps just give you a clear step-by-step roadmap for creating your program and launching it successfully to the marketplace.

If you are a seasoned marketer, these launch processes are something that you could download and hand off to your team for more effective, effortless launches.

James doesn’t just show people how to create a course, but also how to launch several different ways whether it’s using a Webinar, Challenge, Video Series, or Email Promotions.

If you are suffering from overwhelm, too much knowledge and not enough action.  Business By Design is the antidote to that problem.





What I love about James is not only his brilliant process driven mind when it comes to business, but how he values the importance of mastering your mindset – the topic I am passionate about.

 For a long time people have been asking me to create a programme that specifically helps entrepreneurs and business owners clear the blocks and limiting beliefs that arise on a daily basis. The entrepreneurial rollercoaster is a very real thing, high highs and low lows, as this graphic demonstrates 🙂

What if you had an emergency toolbox to access every time you have a dip on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster? Dips like these:

  • Overwhelm, too many plates spinning, too many projects, too many new ideas.
  • Lack of focus
  • Comparisonitis – that affliction that affects all entrepreneurs, everyone is so much further ahead than  you, you feel like the entrepreneurial class dunce!
  • Lack of motivation, some days its just too hard and you just feel like giving up.
  • Who on earth is going to buy my stuff
  • Now they have bought my stuff, how could I possibly raise my prices?
  • I just feel like a fraud
  • Procrastination
  • Finally, the age old chestnut, I don’t feel good enough, I don’t have what it takes to succeed in business.

Do these sound familiar? – Alongside these limiting beliefs are the rollercoaster of emotions, anxiety – am I on the right path, fear – where is my next sale coming from, worry – I have SO much to do and frustration – this is all taking so long, everyone else is way more successful than me.

Did you know that these limiting beliefs and emotions are keeping you STUCK!

All these limiting beliefs and emotions  do is slow you down.

How many hours of productivity to you waste to these limiting beliefs and emotions?

What if you recognise these thoughts and feelings, but had an entrepreneurial toolbox you could visit to clear those feelings away in just 10 minutes flat.

This is exactly what I am offering with my Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox Programme.

As a life and mindset coach, I help my clients to Tap Into Their Big Vision – my key tools are Emotional Freedom Technique, AKA Tapping and the art of visualisation. I believe that the mastery of our emotions are the key to a successful and happy life.

The Entrepreneurial Toolbox is a go to resource to balance out the emotions that an entrepreneur faces on a daily basis.

Now here’s the exciting bit:

YOU WILL HELP ME CREATE MY PROGRAMME – following the BBD processes!

The purchase of BBD is a significant financial investment, and you will want to complete the modules – so why not join a group of accountability parters.


As my BBD bonus you will gain access to:

A library of amazing tapping videos that you can access everyday to clear any negative emotion or limiting belief that prevents you from taking your business to the next level.

Group coaching and support where you can identify YOUR entrepreneurial and business blocks.

One final bonus, is a group lunch in Laguna Beach with me, during the BBD live event in November*

Once the programme is completed, you will have full access to the evergreen version, however you will be in the unique position of being a part of the programme’s creation and access to me in a private Facebook group.





*You will gain access to The Entrepreneurs Emotional Toolkit when I get confirmation from James’s team of your purchase, please only use the links on this page,  please email confirmation of your purchase to  melanie@melaniebundock.com