Mel and Denise


I am so excited to be collaborating with my friend and mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas on the launch of her totally upgraded and revamped flagship programme the Money Bootcamp.

In this life changing programme, you will join over 3oo0 fellow women entrepreneurs who have broken through their money blocks, and transformed the way they earn, save and spend!




Money Bootcamp is a 6-week online mindset transformation and training course designed to help you break throughconscious and unconscious money blocks, and clear any unhealthy money beliefs and past stories, so you can (finally!) earn what you’re worth and embrace abundance.

This experience, led by Money Mindset Mentor Denise Duffield Thomas, is loaded up with supporting live workshops, incredible bonuses, challenges, worksheets, a private community (one of my personal favourites), and more, all designed to put you on the path to real, flowing, fulfilling wealth — sooner.

Your Money Bootcamp LIVE Access Pass: From August 7 – September 15 2017, you’ll be participating in the LIVE version of Money Bootcamp, along with 24/7 support in their thriving private Facebook community, coaching calls with Denise and the Money Bootcamp facilitators, worksheets, challenges and group activities, real-life exercises and examples, and more. You’ll also receive and lifetime access to the online program, including all modules, videos, transcripts, and resources, as well as participation to future Live rounds.

$1,000 worth of exclusive bonuses: including additional courses, meditations, visualizations and books. (All of these are only available as part of Denise’s launch special, if you join before 9 EST on Friday, August 4th)


Denise’s Manifesting Course

You’ll be walked through Denise’s exact process for manifesting a goal quickly and easily through simple, everyday actions. (Denise famously manifested a $500k all-expenses paid trip around the world using these techniques — and you’ll learn exactly how she did it.)


Advanced Pricing Course

Not sure what to charge or how to justify price increases to your clients? Wondering how to charge premium prices without including your first-born child in the bonuses? Denise has your back with this exclusive 2-part pricing workshop jam-packed full of ideas on how to bring in fast cash with VIP days, premium client experiences and more.


Do it Quick Lucky Bee Program

This is one of Denise’s most popular quickie courses and it’s ONLY available to Bootcampers. Inside the 10-day program, you’ll learn how to get clear on a goal, take action and manifest the outcome you want. This course supercharges the Bootcamp experience by helping you to achieve results quickly.


Six Guided Visualizations

Enjoy Denise’s series of six in-depth audio visualizations as she talks you through how to let go and embrace your new life of abundance and ease. Visualizations include How to Heal Your Inner Child, Cutting Energetic Cords, How to Love and Forgive Your Body, The Future You and Your Ideal Day meditation. These are powerful audios that take your learning and reflection deeper into your subconscious and strengthen your connection to the universe.


Money Meditations Audio

This Subliminal Money Mantras MP3 features powerful affirmations to help you attract even more prosperity and wealth into your life; including 1111 special money mantras, all embedded below the peaceful sounds of the ocean, so that your subconscious mind can soak up the goodness and effortlessly reframe your beliefs.


Denise’s Webinar, E-Book + Audio Book Library

Grab both of Denise’s books (“Lucky Bitch” and “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch”) in e-book and audio format, so that you can listen and learn while on the go. These audios aren’t available ANYWHERE else. You’ll get some of her recent webinar recordings including “Manifesting Masterclass” and my “Clearing Money Clutter” workshop. Each live recording will give you more insight, tools and techniques to apply in your life so you can earn more, be more and help more people.


Live Event Recordings

Immerse yourself in video and audio recordings of Denise’s most recent live events (the next best thing to being in the room). Perfect for when you need an extra hit of Lucky Bee inspiration, you’ll love the recordings of ‘7 Ways to Increase Your Abundance Now’ and the ‘Money Masterclass.’ These sessions are guaranteed to pump up your motivation and load you up with heaps of new insights for your money transformation.



When I first joined Denise’s Money Bootcamp three years ago, I was thrilled to discover she was a huge fan of tapping, in fact one of Denise’s most common responses when offering advice in her bootcamp members is to “tap on it!”

Money Bootcamp partially inspired my own programme Tapping Into Abundance which I launched last year.

Tapping Into Abundance is a Seven Module programme to help you transform your money mindset.

Tapping Into Abundance Programme Content



Decluttering not just physical clutter but emotional clutter and old stories too. We need to make space for abundance to enter our lives, it is literally a case of out with the old and in with the new. Tapping to clear clutter. Bonus video – clutter and abundance – they are all linked.


Changing Your Money Stories

Getting deeper on the old money stories – what are the stories that spring to mind. Money is dirty? Money is the root of all evil? You have to work hard for your money? Money doesn’t grow on trees! I will ask you to write out all the money memories that come to mind and write out all the old limiting beliefs that come up for you. The sooner we can clear these away, the better. We will tap on money stories – replace your old beliefs with positive new mantras.


Let’s Make Some Real Changes To Your Money Life!

Practical exercise, looking at your bank statements and credit card bills and taking a good look at your daily expenditure. I encourage you to open up your credit card statements – notice what is coming up for you, what feeling arises as you look at your statement, shame, guilt, fear, worry? Don’t panic, there is a tapping video to help with the overwhelm of this task.

Part two is another practical step, setting new financial goals for yourself. This tapping video is about expanding the responsibilities of how money can come into your life and opening ourselves up to additional streams of income, and a practical worksheet for brainstorming money making ideas.


Bringing Abundance Into Your Daily Life

Looking for abundance in our lives. Identify all the areas in your life where you have abundance, this could be a loving relationship, your home, your friends, your health, access to nature, what you focus on expands. In this module we will be doing gratitude tapping. By focusing on appreciation and gratitude we are deliberately changing our vibration from one of lack to one of gratitude and receiving.


Learning How To Dream Big

Visualisation, this lies at the heart of changing your money story. We often find ourselves stuck in our own financial rut, when we continue to tell the story like it is e.g. “I am always broke”, “I never have enough money at the end of the month” “I can’t afford it”. In this module I encourage you to dream big and to create a big vision for your new money story. The tapping in this module is all about finding the courage to plant the seeds of our new money story and Big Vision.


Resetting Your Money Mindset

Without realising it, many of us block our abundance levels, because at some deep level, we don’t feel that we deserve abundance in our lives. In this module we will be tapping on clearing the blocks to receiving.


Maintaining An Abundant Life

In this module, we end the programme on a high positive note by tapping for an abundant life –and open ourselves to allow more money, love, health and miracles into our lives.

This incredible bonus is worth $497


I am also including my incredible live Virtual Vision Board workshop taking place on September 20th worth $97

In a private Facebook group, you will spend the day with me where I walk you through step by step to help you prepare and create your most epic vision board ever! All the juicy details can be found here

That’s nearly $600 worth of bonuses when you sign up HERE





*You will gain access to Tapping Into Abundance when I get confirmation from Denise’s team of your purchase, please only use the links on this page