Virtual Vision Board Workshop




Virtual Big Vision Workshop – Live Event

Venue – Your Home via Facebook Live Broadcasts / Date – Friday 23rd June 2017

I want you to ask yourself three questions…


1. Where are you right now?

2. Where do you want to be?

3. What’s stopping you? (hint these won’t be the things you think they are)


Have you always felt that there is more you want to be, do and have in your life? Do you want to be happier? Do you have a big vision you want to achieve? Is there a burning ambition you wish to fulfill? Is there a project you have been dreaming of getting off the ground? Do you dream of a better life for you and your family?  

In this Virtual Big Vision workshop, you will discover how to:


  • Release the blocks that have been holding you back in life.
  • Let go of negative patterns in your life that you may either be consciously or unconsciously repeating.
  • Learn the basics of Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) to help with letting go things/ patterns/ behaviours or  self sabotaging habits that be affecting you at a greater level than you realise.
  • Get crystal clear on your Big Vision or major life goal that you wish to achieve through a powerful guided meditation.
  • Create a fabulous vision board which will bring your Big Vision to life



“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands–your own.”-Mark Victor Hansen”



Creating your Vision Board


So what is your Big Vision?


  • A change in career?
  • Starting a new business?
  • Overcoming a health challenge?
  • Getting a project off the ground?

Or you may be at that stage in life where you want more and you are looking for a Big Vision, but perhaps you need a little help in finding your way? By the end of the virtual workshop you will have a clear idea as to what your Big Vision is, you will have a visual reference of your Big Vision in the form of a Vision Board.


What’s a Vision Board then?


Vision boards, also known as Dream Boards or Mood Boards were made famous in the book and movie, The Secret. Vision boards:

  • Help create a clear signal to the universe as to what we wish to create, manifest and attract into our lives.
  • Are powerful tools for goal setting and manifestation making.
  • Act as your visual plan displaying what you will energetically focus on for your short term and longer term goals.

The power of Visualisation cannot be underestimated enough, through effective visualisation, miracles can occur in your life.

Virtual Workshop Agenda

The first part of this workshop takes place before the workshop itself, in a live Facebook broadcast. You will be given an exercise that will help you get clear on your Big Vision and help you connect with your heart’s desire, by way of a written worksheet and a guided meditation.

This is the most important part of the workshop, many of us go for goals that we think we SHOULD be going after, these usually come from the head, they are sensible, however I will be inviting you all to connect with you HEART’s desires, the things that light us up, bring us joy and truly make our heart sing.

The Virtual Vision Board Workshop Day

In the first session, I will be inspiring you to focus on WHAT IS POSSIBLE! I want you to know that there are no limits to your Big Vision. I will be sharing some inspiring stories of people who have gone on to live their Big Vision.

The second focuses on letting go of the past, where I will lead you through an exercise to let go of past hurts, regret and pain of the past. These could be patterns we find ourselves continually repeating in our lives, they could be past hurts, traumas or sadness that we can’t seem to shift. As we powerfully let these go together, we make the space to plant the seeds of our Big Vision. By doing this you free up your energy so that it can be channelled in a positive forward moving direction.

The third session –  The fun part – making your Vision Board, you will need to provide your own materials (list below) however I will share lots of inspirational images and quotes for you to download and print off for your board.

The fourth session –  The key step in the manifestation process is in the belief that what you desire will manifest, in part four we will be adding the secret sauce – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping as it is also known) I will lead a powerful tapping session for you to tap WITH your boards. When we tap with our vision boards, we keep the belief and expectation high, the perfect conditions in which to manifest.


oprah final

Collective Group Energy In A Private Facebook Group




When groups gather, magical things happen, and when engaging in a spiritual activity such as the creation of a vision board, the group energy can be can be truly exceptional. The same goes for virtual meet ups. I have hosted several events on line, the power and energy within a Facebook Group can be truly phenomenal! You will have an automatic group of accountability partners, brothers and sisters who will cheer you on. I will be encouraging active sharing within the Facebook group.

As a virtual workshop attendee, I will add you to my exclusive Facebook group to continue the energy of the workshop. Previous workshop participants have found this a safe and supportive environment to share successes, give and receive inspiration and help fulfil their visions and goals.



When did you last focus on your own needs?

 Included in the cost of your workshop is:

  • All teaching and instruction via Facebook Live Broadcasts following the same curriculum as in my in person workshops
  • A pre workshop exercise and live online class to enhance and kick start your experience
  • My manifestation tricks and tips throughout the day
  •  Images and inspirational quotes to download
  • Instructions on the basics of EFT and tapping scripts
  • Inclusion to my private Facebook group for support and inspiration
  • Replay’s available if you are unable to attend the live broadcasts


Materials You Need For The Event Itself

  • A Vision Board – this could be a foam board, thick cardboard, a pin board.
  • Magazines (you can generally request these from Facebook groups/ hair and beauty salons)
  • Images that represent the items on your board, homes, holiday destinations, health and fitness images.
  • Scissors and Glue
  • Any decorative additions – really let your creativity loose here

This is the next best thing to being at a live workshop with me – but just as powerful

The cost of your investment for this unique, live event is just $97